Two Years in the Making

I AM PUAGOAT. This is my website where my $ GZG creators and I unleash our ultrahot lesbian sex videos starting in 2024. To get the party started and show how I direct, these are lesbian sex videos I have personally made, starting 30 years ago. So this is truly my 30th anniversary for what I call LateNightLeZ, the best time I like to watch girls on girls, and the movies I made to sell for the movie theater I always envisioned it would be sweet to find on a late night search.

And it’s as simple as that. This is my lifelong fetish, and I absorbed so much it started oozing out through the videos I felt compelled to find girls to make for me so I could “get it right”. Hope you enjoy watching the effort as I did when I made them. The electricity in the room when two girls are engaged in hot sex is unique and the only way to experience it if you are not one of the girls is this method of filming.

So turn out the lights and enjoy the world of LateNightLeZ!